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    It was spectacular!!!

    Well Last friday I picked up my new 05 GPR. Went out and burned a few tanks through it this past weekend breaking it in. Runs great and looks great. I like it alot better than my old sea doo.

    Well on sunday me and a few frinds were up river and I decide its time for a lil top speed run. I was still breaking it in but it was time for a full throttle run. SO I did. Ran great. Was still climbing very fast when I let out. I didnt want to run it more than 5 or 6 sec at WOT for the first time. When I let off for some reason the ski took an IMEDIATE right. It about pitched me off. I was able to muscle my way to stay on. Wasnt sure why it happened. So we got up river in a nice clear and wide area. I did another WOT run. Ran great. Stayed in it for about 10 sec. dreamometer was at 71 ( and yes I know thats not really how fast it was going) and still climing when I decided that was enough for that run. When I let off it took an IMEDIATE right so fast I couldnt hold it. It pitched me. I was told I flew through the air and hit flat on my back, poped my neck and skiped like a flat rock before I just came to an abupt stop. When I regained my composure and figured out where I was and the stars I was seeing went away I went under the ski and found a stick about 1 x 1 x 6 sticking out of my intake grate. Would this have caused it to do the above right turns? But it never did this at low or med throttle. I didnt do any more WOT runs becasue I was a lil gun shy. I will see what I can figure out.

    I know I read where people put a ride plate on their ski without an intake grate and it did something similar. But my ski is 100% stock. I will be calling Jim in a few weeks to order my ride plate, intake grate, and impellar. Im also going to step the sponsons. Should be good for the first round of mods.

    Myth ( Ryan ) on here is who always rides with me. He was about 50 ft on the side of me when it happened. Luckly!!! But I did get to ride his ski ( 03 GPR) after he put jims plate, intake grate, nozzle, impellar, d-plate, and a few other things. It was completely different than mine. I cant wait.

    thanks for yalls input.

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    My 06' did the same thing.Gotta love that intake grate.It only did it when i was in Superman position.Sounds like you need to start the modding process.

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    I wasnt in the superman yet. But I was gettin close... Mods to come soon. very soon.

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    My 04 would try to buck me at 68 with the stock grate. Just another example of why I should not use the stock intake grate

    Glad you are OK

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    Glad you like your new boat.

    All the help in the world is right here, just start asking.

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    I raced motocross for a number of years. I gotta tell ya that his get off was one of the better ones Ive seen in a while. I dont what was worse the crash or him not knowing what direction we were going afterwards. The ski started to porpos then turned dead right and there he went like he was shot out of a cannon. It was great But one thing that bothers me, you cant tell me that Yamaha would build and sell a ski that would do that.

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    If you do not change the intake grate by next time you ride when running (wot) runs when letting off the gas let off slowly not pull you finger off the throttle the boats nose dives in the water and to the left or right. you gotta let off a little easer. But for full proof get a double bar 1200 grate

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    the problem is fixed when you install a Riva or R&D grate

    I never ride a Yamaha ski with the stock grate

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    At least you know it is going over 67 mph.

    It will not do that unless you are going that fast. If you ride again without a grate let the throttle off slowly and you will not have a problem.

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    Thanks all for the info! I def appreciate it. I was a little disheartened becasue it is a brand new ski and is still stock. Sad you have to do that to be safe. But Oh well I will be safe and go faster now... I just gotta order my mods.

    thanks again!

    hehe too bad you didnt have a video camera Ryan. It would win me a lil money maybe.

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