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    PWC: Going where other boats can't

    PWC: Going Where Other Boats Can’t

    Most people use personal watercraft (PWC) to have a little fun on the water; but PWCs are more than just recreational vehicles, they are necessary lifesaving tools. Just ask Shawn Alladio, instructor and owner of K38 Water Safety, and she’ll tell you that, “PWC are the vessel of choice for tight quarters, confined space, and dynamic water conditions, where larger vessels cannot go due to stability factors and crew safety.”

    For example, a lifeguard receives a call that a swimmer is struggling in a strong rip tide. The lifeguard runs from the watch tower and mounts a personal watercraft to head out into the waves. Within a few seconds, the lifeguard has reached the endangered swimmer, and easily pulls them on to the rescue board, without fear of being injured by a propeller. The ride back to the beach is quick and relatively smooth. “This is the most common proactive use for rescue purposes,” adds Alladio.

    However, this is not the only rescue situation where PWC are efficient lifesaving tools. Alladio continues, “They are used for searches, recoveries, vessel tows, evacuations, drowning prevention and livestock herding in floods.” PWC have a shallow draft, which allows them to navigate though shallow waters. The inboard jet drive engine system prevents injuries and eliminates the possibility of debris becoming entangled in a propeller. They are low to the waterline, granting convenient access to and from the water. PWC are agile and have high acceleration rates. Alladio agrees that, “With proper training, they make an extremely useful rescue boat.”

    PWC have even found applications in Homeland Security operations. “Without going into too much detail, they are used for surveillance, herding, blocking, and patrol. They are oftentimes used for night operations and are excellent for high speed pursuits,” Alladio shares. The minimal PWC wake and their compact size prevent undesired attention in security procedures.

    Whether saving a drowning victim or patrolling American ports, PWC are safe and efficient lifesaving tools. Alladio agrees, “They have become a global asset to saving lives.”

    For more information about Shawn Alladio and K38 Water Rescue, visit

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