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    Would like to see some thoughts on break-in procedure for my 03 PV 1300. Just got the PTO cyl back from Millennium to get reconditioned/fresh piston. Motor is back together and ready to fire up-this boat still has oil injection and the tank is full of Amsoil Interceptor. OK to to break-in on synthetic? Also what is a good amount of time/RPMS for this one cylinder change? (The indexing pin on the top comp ring came out and let the ring rotate; thats why I had to go into it.) Thanks for any input.

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    The way we broke in my buddy's stxr at the beginning of last season was to let it idle out of the no wake zone to let it warm up and then flat out the rest of the day... and that friggin' ski RIPS!!
    I was always told by my old man to break them in the way your going to ride them...I've always done it this way and never have had an issue.. This goes back to the old dirt bike days when I was a little tot..

    Your going to hear about 100 different ideas/theories on proper break in... I think the key is to let it warm up properly before you romp on it and try not to hold any single rpm for a very extended period of time...
    Good Luck

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