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    2009 IJSBA World Finals Parade of Nations

    IJSBA World Finals 3rd Annual Parade of Nations

    February 17,2009
    The IJSBA is proud to announce the 3rd Annual Parade of Nations - Once again Lake Havasu City in Arizona will be honoring all race participants for the 28th IJSBA Quakysense World Finals.

    Everyone is invited to attend to honor and represent the flag from their respective country.

    The event will be held Thursday, October 15th 7:30 PM at the London Bridge Resort and Convention Center. This is free to everyone attending the IJSBA World Finals and there will be an open cash bar for refreshments if desired.

    This year I would like to invite participants and friends to bring something special from their country and gift it to an individual from another nation. This item could be a sticker, t-shirt, hat or even a small nation flag.
    Once again there will be our annual guest book, with pictures from last year’s event, that you are encouraged sign with your personal comments. You are also invited to check out the Parade of Nations blog spot and leave your comments about past years events.

    Please invite your friends and family to this special event that welcomes all participants from around the world.

    The Honorable Mayor Mark Nexsen will personally welcome all the racers and teams who have come so far to participate in this International Competition.

    Kay Sykes is again the chairperson of this event. Please send her an email and let her know if you will be attending this amazing event!
    If you need reserved seating for your team or country, please let Kay know.

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    I just wanted to let everyone know that the IJSBA Parade of Nations blog has been updated.

    Please check out these sites and stay updated.

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