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    1200npv swap with 1200pv

    i might be picking up a 98 exciter jet boat for free from a friend without engines. everything else including the pump and electrics are there. originally it had two 1200npv engines, but i'm thinking about what it might cost to put in a set of 1200pv.

    is the cdi for the 1200npv different than for the 1200pv? if i remember correctly, they are the same size pumps, right? mounts? anything else i'm forgetting that might be different besides props?

    thanks for any info. i'm not sure if i'm going to take the project, but i like the sound of free. i can also get my hands on a set of 1200npv engines for $2,000. that price is hard to beat. pick up a trailer and it might need some small odds and ends and i might be able to have it for around $3,000.

    i'll just have to get use to the whoooosh sound as the gas tank gets drained at mach 1.

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    That was a really cool build except I think he would have had better top speed numbers had he kept the original pumps. Our exciter project with 2 modified 65u 1200npv engines reached 62mph, and that was just with compression and some mild porting. We also were using some x props with staged pitchs.

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    Thanks for that link. I did a search before posting and couldn't find anything. Looks like more money than I want to invest. Thanks.

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