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    Guns on College Campuses (almost school shooting today)

    I was thinking about this today because of something that happened here on campus.

    I did a little ireport from the e-mail I got.

    Anyways just imagine if you have a license to carry and you see this guy in the hallway. Gun pointed at another student or teacher, about to kill them. What do you do? Do you shoot him? Do you tell him to hold up and draw your gun?

    I guess it is one of those things. The bad guys have the only guns in places where they are illegal. What do yall think?

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    The crooks are cowards and will only strike in areas that they know are gun free....I dont spend any money in any store with the no gun sticker. I would rather have my gun and not need it , than need my gun and not have it.

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    When I lived on a college campus, we kept our shotguns in our dorm rooms. We used them for hunting on the week-ends and would walk right out of the dormitory with them in plain site. Needless to say, we had NO shooting incidents on campus.

    I also took my grandfathers civil war musket to high school to show off in history class, never was any trouble over it. What a fucked up world we live in now.

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