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    Prop work

    Hey everyone I wanted to let you all know that after reading all the frusterations with prop work and different shops, I did A LOT of research and talked with A LOT of people about where to go. I was planning to go with IR but due to some other concerns, I ended up talking with Dave an Impros.

    All I can say is he was very responcive and has gone out of his way to work with me! My UPS tracking from him shows the prop getting here Friday and I couldn't be happy with the service! Wish that could be said for others involved with my '05 project!

    Also Lowell is off the hook! With serivce, communication, and just a down right nice guy!

    Scott B.

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    I was told 3 weeks at Impros a couple of weeks ago when I spoke with Dave. Has that changed? Eric at Speedfreaks said they had a next day turn around time.

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