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    Lightbulb EFI 800 PV 66E Project..


    i have been tinkering with the idea of converting my WB800 to Fuel Injection, Using doner parts from a GP1300R. as you Know the case layout is the same less one cylinder as the 1200r/1300r. i was thinking of using the gp1300r throttle bodies and sensors injectors etc. i already have a 1300r fuel pump.

    these are the parts i need:-

    complete gp1300r intake manifold including the balance plate electronics injectors etc.( not ecu)

    MSD or RAD total loss flywheel, and trigger back plate don't know if the 61x or 62T variants fit some say yes some say no.

    the question is if i go big bore will the 40mm throttle bodies reduce the posible power output as they might not flow enough volume? big bore 1300r owners will be able to anwser that..

    i already have an idea of a full programable ecu for this...

    any offers for cheap parts would be welcome

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    I would just stick with a set of big carbs and not spend all the money on EFI for little to no horsepower gains.

    They make 48mm carbs that will give the most power, no one that I know makes anywhere near that size TB's.

    But you can run the stock 40mm throttle boddies on a big bore it just doesn't give max performance.

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    well i am looking for power and economy, and the ecu i am looking at does fully programable ignition and injection maps among other among other things. seqential, as well as batch fire injection. so i think dual 40mm Throttle bodies might be a little more fuel friendly than huge 48mm+ carbs...

    someone that has converted from efi to carbs might be able to give a fuel usage vs power output comparision..

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