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    Trim tabs bolt loose....will this leak in my hull???

    Hi all,

    So, I was putting some trim tabs on my boat the other day and I noticed that the one bolt...back bolt on the left of my right side (looking from the back) was really loose. I could feel that it was moving pretty freely and I managed to get it started and tightened down. Now, my question is..does this bolt go through into the hull and if it's mount was loose...will I have a water leak?

    Thanks in advance!

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    For 2000-2002 year model, its possible if that the brass insert in the hull has worked it way loose from the brown glue adhesive from the factory and is (spinning).

    The fact that you found the bolt loose & was able to tighten it up says one of two things:
    either the brass insert has broken free (spinning) from the inside of the hull or the bolt was just only loose. You need to find out.

    If your trim tabs are shimmed & the insert is spinning, the likelyhood of water intrusion will increase more thus causing a slow water leak.

    I would remove the trim tab(s) gain and see if the botl will remove just fine.

    If you do have the 2000-2002 year model, I would also take the time to remove the battery box and piping back there, inspect and see if one of the inserts has broken away, if so, plan to replace it them with new updates ones from the 2003-current brackets and marine 4200/5200.

    Not to make anymore work for you, but if you are back there, you may as well reinforce your tunnel too.

    my .02

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