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    Holeshot Kit

    I've heard this and that about idling too long with the holeshot kit. Does anyone have any number like, "I've idled for 10 min without any problems"? I need to know because I idle through a 5 min or so no wake zone almost every weekend. (Im talking about temp of course)

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    i have jet works w/ff tube etc...i have to idle at least 10 min each way when i go into marina...and i have idled 20 min going up a problems with heat

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    nice, thats what I wanted to hear looks like i'll be picking one up soon...

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    I idled it over 20minutes from the no-wake zone, up to the damn area on the local lake. This ski has the plastic sound resonator in place too.

    Admittedly, this ski runs a tad rich at idle. That does tend to cool things off.

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