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    How do I find out which parts will fit my ski?

    I'm trying to locate a source for Seadoo part #'s as I need to find a couple parts for my 01 GTX and need to know what parts from other models may transfer over. I checked the OEM replacement part finder and can find the part but am looking for some used parts like an info gauge that seems to look similar to others but can't be sure. Where do you guys goto check for something like this or is it experience alonethat guides you? Thanks for any help. I searched for a thread on this but couldn't find anything. Please forgive if it is common knowledge but I am new at this.

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    You can use the oem parts finder in the left top colum. It is a link to parts says ORDER OEM PARTS click on the link

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    use the parts look up at once you have the part number there is an "Advanced" search that gives you the option of seeing everything that part fits.

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    Good information! ...Ron

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    Thanks for putting up with the silly questions guys. Appreciate it..really!

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