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    Waverunner GP1200R... Loose flywheel???

    Had some problem with intermittently trying to start the ski. I was stuck in the ocean and everytime I pressed the start button I just heard the starter or bendix spinning (wasn't turning the motor). Pulled the ski out of the water (after swimming back against the current). Pulled the spark plugs out and turned the impeller shaft (might have heard a click), put the spark plugs back and it started right up. Placed it back in the water and it did the same thing. This time I couldn't get it to turn over the motor no how. I'm just hearing i high pitch spinning noise (like the dentists drill). Is there anything I can check before ripping the entire engine out? Does this sound like the flywheel came loose? I replaced the engine with a SBT engine about 6month before but tightened it down to spec and placed locktite on the screw ( i think)?

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    Sounds to me like a bad bendix. But when they go out they usually don't go out all at once. They will freewheel once in awhile when you hit the starter and this will geet progressively worse. It's because the bendix isn't engaging with the flywheel.
    You need to pull the front cover to check for sure. The front cover also has the 2 ears for the motor mounts on it too so it's easiest to pull the motor.

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    If i don't see anything loose and the starter is spinning, how do I test the bendix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirdave4 View Post
    If i don't see anything loose and the starter is spinning, how do I test the bendix?
    If your starter is spinning and your flywheel is still bolted on your bendix is bad. Get a new one before it grenades. If your flywheel came loose you would have known by now.

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