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    Is the package for the GP1200 and 1300R?

    Or are there 2 different ones, one for each ski? My dad just picked up an 02' GP1200R and I've of course got my 05' 1300, just wondering if I picked up the package if he could use the same set-up as I do? I know theres no sharing of information about the package, but it would stay in my family and makes no sense to buy 2 of the same thing if its not needed.

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    yes the package will work on the 1200 as well as the 1300

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    it is designed for all of the GPR series - from 2000-2006. All of the information can be applied to either year model.

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    cool, thanks guys! always a good feeling to find answers to your questions on this great forum!

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    cool, thanks guys! always a good feeling to find answers to your questions on this great forum!

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    i didnt post that last reply twice, dont know why it came up 2 times, sorry! thanks again

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