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    What is better R&D or Riva

    i dont want to start any beef inbetween companys but just wanted to know if the parts have any difference for example ride plate intake grate because i see that R&D is a bit cheaper than there a reason for it or just because of marketing it makes it a bit more expensive.

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    Have fun getting stuff from R&D

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    riva stickers they sure look good on r&d products..any one correct me if im wrong...makes riva look like they worked hard for their product..


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    so basically it boils down to Apperance and service? I really dont care how it looks as long as the job is done.

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    I've got a mixture of both companies on my ski

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    guess it doesn't really matter. R&D makes the plate that Jim Modifies and Jim sells it himself cheaper than both companies.

    Riva doesn't really do anything themselves but their name is on a lot of other companies stuff (such as r&d, Boyesen, Protec, Mikuni, ect...)

    So it's really a coin toss if you think about it. You could always go with who is cheaper but due to some parts availability these days, you may be left with no choice.

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