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    Wake jumping and crashing sound!!

    I have an rxt...

    Anyone get like a crashing sound when they jump a big wake and get airborne. It's like something slapping plastic. Almost like the front storage bin is slapping down but it's locked tight.

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    check for a loose post that holds down the bun the silver thing.
    mine gets loose on my rxp and makes noise when loose

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    Gotta love this sport! 05Limited's Avatar
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    My bun gets loose when I'm jumping and makes a slapping noise when it contacts the plastic seat

    Gotta love this sport


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    Look at the front hatch cover "post" that the latch closes against.......there is supposed to be a rubber snubber on the post to stop the lid from slapping. On my wifes boats,that rubber stopper was in the small storage compartment on delivery!

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    I checked my hood attachement and I do have rubber on it.

    I even slapped the top pretty hard and it doesn't seem to be the same sound.

    I was looking at my gas tank today and it seems to be just held down by 4 rubber pull ties. Do you think if you had a full tank of gas and jumped a wake, leaving the water that the tank would lift and hit the bottom of the hull.

    Could be a scary thought if I cracked that jumping a wake....

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