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    stand up

    ok well i just got into jet sking this year on my very own 96 xp (im14 and i payed for it myself) and WOW I LOVE JET SKING NOW! and now i wana buy a stand up. and i am looking at the 2008-2009 sx-r from Kawasaki all i am going to do is just ride around and learn to do tricks. or am i better off getting a Yamaha 2000-2009 super jet or should i just get a old Yamaha or Kawasaki thanks a lot guys

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    If you can afford, go new. i cant. I would get an older Kawi 650/750 or Superjet. Beat the snot out of it and then once you know how to play get a new one

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    yami for freestyle
    kawi for race

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    i wish i had these toys at your age. standup brands are pure prefrence, hell, with the price of a new one, you could prob get good used ones of both makes and see which one you like best then sell the other.

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    I prefer Kawasaki. Fast, better handling.

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    Where do you live? Ive got a nice 90 model 650 superjet I would part with in great running condition. It has the foot wells, new mats (last year), zero degree bars and new impeller and cone, protec ride plate and dual bilge pumps. I would hate to part with it but I would let it go to a good home!! (small adoption fee) PM me if you are interested or if you live in driving distance of north Alabama. We can take it on a test ride!!! I even have a spare stock 701 engine I will let go with her. If I am too far for you maybe some others have something for you or know someone who does.

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