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    locking the crank and cam

    If you lock the crank and the cam, it looks like your're about 110 degrees into the power stroke. Is this correct? I had always assumed you would be at top dead center.


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    Front cylinder piston is at top dead center.

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    Yea I thought it was weird that cyl 3 was at TDC when things were locked in place.

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    Thanks, never thought of that.


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    Strange Austrian Engineering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by engineermike View Post
    Yea I thought it was weird that cyl 3 was at TDC when things were locked in place.
    Mike, I agree. The first time I saw this I thought I screwed something up.

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    the numbers on the rocker cover are opposite what the manual says for timing and that the front is actually no.1 when the cover says 3 go figure!

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