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    Gap behind prop?

    So we did two solas 14/20 on my 05 and my friends 04 (with the 05 pump) his prop sits forward of the vein section about .015" and mine is about .090" pretty big diffrience also his is pretty hard to spin (new bearing) is that normal? also is the gap diffrience normal? I would assume that you would want it to sit a close to the vein section as possible? are they OK? thanks guys!

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    One thing you can check make sure your inside hub area of prop is not bottoming out on pump section. OR the shaft is pushed to far in the pump, which in this case take nose piece of of pump off loosen nut to end of shaft tap on nut , not to hard. keep spinning pump till it starts to get loose. Don't go to far because you will not let the pump seal correctly and water will intrude into bearings in pump

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