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    Polish ride plate or leave painted ?

    I'm getting a Used "Pro Tech" ride plate for my 97 Gp760 ( Fun for me)
    Should I polish the bottom? Can be done at my work very easy.
    First goal is to get Ski to handle better then some more speed.

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    not sure if polishing will do much for speed, however being sure that the angles are right and the surface is trued---that is where your speed comes into play.

    It will look pretty though ---i say go for it!

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    Welcome to the Forum Jesse3

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    It is like John said about your plate. The angle is much more important than the shine. Angle adjustments are like a course adjustment where as shine is fine tuneing.

    It's like haveing a nice shiny jet flying with the wheels locked down. No shine in the world is going to compensate for the drag created by the wheels.

    Follow the post titled Performance plate mod for the GP. Your 760 GP is the subject.

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