Skill set check I'm conducting with Student Teck Reckas in Morro Bay, CA

Student Teck Reckas at the harbormouth (or Jaws) at Morro Bay California during training, Pics by David Pu'u

I have been one of the fortunate few to enjoy a true PUUBECK moment. David Puu is a friend, well not sure if that is even a good enough description. He is an athlete, father, confidant, professional, guide, and he has a harem. He is a collector of unique souls and purveyor of fine talent. He not nly takes photos of people, but he builds, nudges, pushes and encourages talent and careers.

These are 2 images he shot at Morro Bay when he brought up the Betty B's sponsored models to take the K38 training from me, sort of a mentor course for young women, with an amazing mountaineering person in the likes of Ted Reckas. We also enoyed 2 firefighting students from Vandenburg Air Force Base, in themselves really good souls. What a collection!

I hope you enjoy the images as much as we do. Puubeck is my namesake for David, its a pet name, you know like Steinbeck except leave off the Stein and add the Puu, kinda like Pooh Bear.

Visit his Equatorial Convergeance, you will be glad you did: http://www.DavidPuu.com

These images appear in the January issue of RIDE magazine courtesy of the AWA. David has supplied numerous submissions of his photography to RIDE. We are very honored to have such great talent supporting our PWC community!