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    Need a prop for a SuperJet.

    A SuperJet is a Yamaha and I am looking for performance so I guess this is the place to post.

    OK, I have a sexy '90 650 square nose SJ.
    The monster has an older pro-tec pipe and that is it as far as I can tell.
    I plan to mill the head or get an aftermarket one down the line.
    I'm looking for bottom end punch so that this thing can jump.
    Them's the facts.

    I have been reading on other forums dedicated to the stand up and I have been told that a Solas Concord 12/15 or 11/15 is the prop for me.
    Any other suggestions ?
    Anyone have a prop for an SJ collecting dust ?
    Who should I be calling to order a prop ?

    I'm also looking for an intake grate preferably the Worx 201.

    Feel free to chime in, I know that most here are GPR crazy but I'm sure some have played outside the box.

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    first mode before you spend any money put a 701 engine
    650 is way to small and a money spend on that engine will be a waste
    you can use all the parts of the 650 on the 701 if you need cylinders or even cases I have few 62 t engines or just change the cylinder but if you want a good advice don't waste any money on the 650
    if you decide to do so I have few performance heads and maybe other parts you can use I have to dig in my boxes of old parts

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    I'm keeping the 650 in it for now.
    The ski is MINT(seriously, it looks like brand new) and will be my wife's after I get a round nose.

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    I have a new scat-trac prop for sale 13/15 $60.00 If intersted email

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