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    2005 Challenger 180 - one more time !!

    I own a 2005 Challenger 180, bought new in 06, I use it on the Colorado River and it is a great river boat. Upgraded the stereo, speakers and remote with XM. Bone stock engine. Maybe 30 hours

    Question - I see 47-48mph on GPS which is not to bad from what I have read on this fourm. Look's like I need to replace the SC washers and get a Green Charger. The impeller discussion was confusing, what pitch should I get. Will these mods make a difference ?? I'm half way handy...can I change out the SC & Charger myself, or should I take to a shop ?

    Who would you suggest in Orange county Cali, to preform the work ?

    Thank you !!

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    The Green wheel will make a difference, even more if you do the 4" intake mod. Probably 3-5 mph, and way better acceleration. I would advise you to take the charger off yourself and then send it to Jerry to have it rebuilt, hes fast and cheap, and you would need a couple special tools.
    Seeing as I havent changed my impeller I cant advise on the pitch.

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    Thank you !! Is it a difficult removal ??

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