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    that was a damn good fight!!

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    I like Bob Sapp, but he got his ass whooped by VonRaski or something like that. The Beligium Gentleman is what the guy goes by. Ole Von put a kick to Sapp's head and made him do the jiggy wiggy dance and finally Sapp went down. Von is only 6'1 or 6'2 and about 200 lbs. Got devastating knees and kicks.
    I remember Kimo fighting Sapp, Kimo had him knocked out but they did a doctor check up on Sapp and gave him another 2 minutes of resting time. He eventually caught Kimo, but Kimo had him out. They were protecting Sapp's record as he is HUGE in Japan.
    Either way, I like Sapp, but he needs more fine tuning before he continues to fight. He spends too much energy in the beginning. If you can last through that barage of punches, then you can beat Sapp. He just needs to take his time.

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