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    New PWC law for nj

    The Following comes from Another site i saw this. The member below is and awa member as am i and members.

    Today I'm reading the Asbury Park Press and I come across an article in the local front section that talks about a new law for pwc use in jersey. This law would ban jetski's from being 200 feet from any shoreline, waterfront home, swimming buoy or just anyone in the water. This law is currently only 50 feet

    This law is also only for pwc and not boats.

    This could hurt us from even entering the F Cove and Tice's Shoal. This would stop us from being able to wave jump in barnegat also.

    I sent a letter to Chris MAthos at the AWA (American Watercraft Association) for some advice and help.

    Here's a copy of the letter

    Mr Mathos,
    As i was reading my sunday paper, The Asbury Park Press, I came across a disturbing article.

    The Asbury Park Press
    Sunday January 25, 2009
    Local Front Page AA2
    From Staff Reports

    "Bill would set rules for "Jet Ski" use"

    "Personal watercraft riders would have to stay farther from swimmers and shore under a bill proposed by 9th District Legislators.

    The measure, sponsored by state Sen. Chrostopher J. Connors and Assemblymen Brian E. Rumpf and Daniel M. Van Pelt, all R-Ocean, would increase the distance personal watercraft must keep from buoys that mark swimming areas, the shoreline, people in the water and waterfront residential units to 200 feet from 50 feet.
    The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee cleared the bill last Thursday. In May, it passed the State Senate by a vote of 38-0. The bill provides for state, county and municipal police to enforce it, but would reserve primary jurisdiction of waterdraft crimes and collisions to the state police."

    Mr. Mathos this law could really hurt the New Jersey Shore. Some parts on both the Manasquan River, the Metedeconk River and the Barnegat Bay are tight in certain areas including in lagoons and sounds like this bill would ban personal watercraft from being in the area.

    There are multiple areas in the Barnegat Bay and in the Manasquan River that both boats and personal watercraft gather at and it sounds like this law would prohibit it for watercraft.

    No where in the law does it talk about boats also only watercraft.

    Mr. Mathos I'm asking for both your advice and assistance here to help keep pwc use in New Jersey both enjoyable and equal.

    AWA Member
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    That sucks man, thanks for posting this I'll be looking into it. I have a feeling this is a safety rule more than a ban on access, the article link below states that personal watercraft still will be permitted in lagoons — but at slow speeds. Still, they have no business adding the restrictions to only PWC and no other types of boats. The rule is 100 feet from shore here in Florida, but it's selectively enforced.
    Here's the link:

    Chris has a good article on page 8 of this month's Ride Magazine which addresses the "Inquisition Mentality" adopted by NOAA and the enviro-radicals...
    by the way his name is Chris MANTHOS, not Mathos...

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