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    Question air filter

    im just wondering if anybody has played with air filters on their ski?
    i have the following question????

    if you look into the hull of a gpr1200 at the airbox under the exhaust you will see a rubber pipe atached to the end of the box this has the round plastic ball in it and on the end off that under the oil pump is the air box opening....
    i know people do away with this and add filters on the carbs but has anybody added a cone filter on the end of the air box (doing away with the pipe and the box under the oilpump) i was thinking of using a small cone filter from a car

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    It's not an air "filter" it's just a "flame arrestor". It doesn't filter anything and it's only purpose is in the event of a backfire aka "spark arrestor". Adding a car air filter will hurt performance as it will add restriction.
    Many have taken the stock box apart and gutted the inside of it and only re-installed the "box" itself without the tubes. Many EFI guys run with open throttle bodies.

    Do a search. A lot of your questions are easily found and will keep you busy reading for hours.

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