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    Chance to buy 2005 rxp with blown motor

    I have a chance to pick up a 2005 rxp with a bad motor. I was told it sank, so i am assuming the motor is all rusted up. I have not seen it yet, but am told the rest of the ski is in great shape. What is a good price to pick it up for? My plan is to buy it, fix it and sell it to make some cash. I can do all the work myself, just worried how much of this thing will even be any good at all. Thoughts?


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    If it sank in salt water, you may have other problems with the electronics & wiring harness unless it was flushed quickly with fresh water. I would guess $2000-$3000 for a complete used motor; depending on what's wrong, you could spend a couple grand just for parts.... Ron

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    Offer an amount you know you can get back like $500-$1000. If it turns out to be more work than its worth you dont have to worry about losing money on it. You can either sell it whole and get back what you paid or you can part it out and possibly make a few bucks...

    I agree with ron. Salt water will ruin more than just the motor. You have all kinds of potential electrical problems to consider as well.

    Does this person know that its worth money in parts or does he just want to dump it off on someone?

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    He is just trying to get rid of it. I am wondering if i would be better off parting it out. Then again, what parts are any good. I may just be wasting my time. I think he is looking to get $1,500 for it.

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    thats about what its legitimately worth. You wont make any money on it. Unless you want to rebuild it and keep it, id say dont bother.

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    I only say go low because youre looking for a potential money-maker you said.

    A motor is going to cost you around 3k.. making that a 4500 ski if it needs NO other work which is probably unlikely.

    We bought a stage one 04 with 60hrs in flawless running condition for $4500 back in December.

    What would an 05 go for right now? Around 5k? I dont even know.. just speculating.

    The economy makes it impossible to sell anything right now. Let him sit on it for a while and when he gets desperate to get it off his property, swoop in on it.

    Are you getting a trailer in the deal as well?

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    I agree with you. No trailer. If i can get it for $600-$800 i will, other than that he can keep it. Thanks for the input, always good to have others opinions.

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    No prob. I say offer him like $800 for it.

    If he scoffs at it, walk away and then follow up on it in a few weeks. If its sitting right now with salt water in it, its going to need a lot of work.
    A hull with no motor is worth about 1500.. So at the very least, you can flip the hull if it doesnt work out.

    If hes firm on 1500 then theres no money for you to make on it.. just a lot of work. I wouldnt do the work unless I made at least $1000 on the ski. You have to take into account the price of a motor too. You may strike a deal on a motor too which could change the entire dynamic of this deal also.. maybe look at motors in the meantime.

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    1000 bucks tops!

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