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    Optional Storage container for the RXT

    Has anyone used the storage container that sea-doo offers? I think I need to get one as the front storage is deep and its hard to reach stuff. Just wondering.

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    We have friends who are constantly "falling in" because they won't spend the $60 for one (they are rather pricey). We hated the expense ($120 in our case), but can now say they are worth every penny.

    I know of one for $50, no tax, no shipping, 1 yr old, like new. Let me know if you're interested.

    Jeff & Annette

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    Yes these are worth every penny, you can lean over the RXT bow and pull out the tray by the handle while you're on the ski which makes it very nice for suntan lotion, sandals and any other extra items you don't have room for in the GC.

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    Yep, the removable buckets are nice.
    I solved the lean-over problem for me by installing a kitchen cabinet handle pull about 2" down on the inside of the large stock bucket. I can grab the handle, pull up and reach anything I need from the bucket.

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