Hey guys, this is off topic, but the GreenHulk Polaris gang is an extremely helpful bunch so thought I'd beg and plead here.

I have acquired a 2003 Polaris Sportsman 90 that isn't running. I found a forum at ATVConnection.com that has helped a little, but I'm not getting answers like the folks around here offer. Hopefully you guys can point me toward a more active group.

Here's the short of it:

Problem #1 Start switch is non functional.
Key on and run switch on gives chassis power (brake light illuminates). The manual says to hold in brake lever for starter to engage. I've done this and I still get no life out of the starter switch. I have directly jumpered the starter to the battery and it spins the engine well, so it seems the starter itself is okay. The only two parts remaining in the line are the start button and the starter relay. The problem is I have no diagrams or references to pin out the relay or the start button harness to see if they are good or bad.

Problem #2 No Spark (problem reported by original owner)
With the key on, run switch on, the starter "hotwired", and the plug out and grounded I get NO SPARK. I realize the problem is either the coil, CDI, or stator. Thanks to all my wrenching on my SLT780 I'm pretty familiar with testing these components. The only problem, once again, is that I have no reference to know what values I should get for each component.

I've looked all over the 'net to find a manual (like the friendly PWC manuals around here) but I can only find places that want to sell me one. Polaris Industries only has owners and parts manuals available for download. If I could just get a manual I'm sure I could tackle this, but I really don't care to blow $50 on one.

I appreciate any suggestions you guys might have and any GOOD forums where I can get some help.