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Thread: mpem programmer

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    mpem programmer

    there is a mpem programmer for sale at ebay..
    what machines does it work on.?

    and what should it cost.?


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    this item was removed from e-bay???
    I know there not cheap 1500 plus in the past
    I have been considering sell mine. I have one thats broken for parts and one working. They are just so darn handy when working on 2 strokes

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    They only work on older 2stroke Skis wont work on DI , 4 tec ,3D models and some RFI's. We got a broke one and have to use buds now. A real PITA for just setting up a key

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    i have a new style mpi2 buds for sale with all the codes just pm me i will give you info

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