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    Cooling Bar Mod?

    Now, before you ask I did try a search but Green Hulk will not let you search on three lettered words (Bar and Mod).

    So what's it all about then? Should I do it to my 1200 SLX for peace of mind?

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    bud,with the cold water you have there I would not do anything,if it were here in the states and down south you can remove thermostat,but you need the restriction to slow water flow if not you stand good chance of cold seizure.if you still what to try your have to monitor temp. and replace thermostat with fix orifice (big flat washer with different size holes-1/2 -5/8 should do)

    later cd

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    the 2000 slx doesn't have a t-stat,polaris did away with it after 98 i believe

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    looks like 2000 was the year they eliminated it , at least on microfiche
    so it wouldn't hurt to verify if yours is close to the cut off year IMHO

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    So initially it was a t-stat problem that was fixed?

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    No...they just realized afterward that it wasn't really needed in the first place. They did add the thermostat back when they came out with the MSX but that's a whole different setup/system. You would be fine with or without it.

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