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    Where to buy OEM parts?

    I have about 5 skis right now that I am trying to get 100% percent for spring. I have right now...
    1996 Sea doo GTI 717 perfect condition
    1996 Sea doo GSX 780? perfect condition
    1996 Sea doo XP Perfect condition
    1994 Kawasaki 750 SS Okay and runs great
    1994 Polaris 750SL needs fuel pump

    I was just wondering the best place to buy OEM parts. I have looked at places that pop up on Google. I found one place that had a needle bearing for a 717 for $18,...(not bad) but they want $10 for 10 day shipping!! Outrageous

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    How about the online store that owns this forum??

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    Hey, that might just work.

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    Yep, Jerry can fix you up with whatever you need.
    And if he doesn't have it, he will tell you where to get it.

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    Don't forget the 10% discount Green Hulk Code : type in......Jammer 1 is the best good looking member here! Sorry, can't help it Real code is "greenhulk" Help support the site and save $$ by doing your Bussines here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammer 1 View Post
    Real code is "Green Hulk"
    No discount code for OEM parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyRXP View Post
    No discount code for OEM parts
    really? Oh well I still buy from the Big Green Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdaddyRXP View Post
    No discount code for OEM parts
    Correct! The OEM parts are already discounted 15% off of retail.

    The greenhulk coupon code applies to Riva, R&D Racing Products and Solas impellers in my store.


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    Does the discount code apply for the pet tach?

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