one of the most famous painters of our time died on friday. andrew wyeth, of chadds ford, pa. died at the age of 91. his last painting was entitled 'STOP' and my uncle andy was the subject. sitting on his harley at a stop light.the two would sit there for hours every day. one idle on his bike, the other an old man in his chair, painting. people would stop and look, even offered 25 bucks for the painting. andy kindly said no thanks. they had no clue he was one of the best painters ever. his paintings have sold for millions. my uncle and andrew wyeth were the best of friends, and there is a story about them and the painting. its pretty interesting. if you like, just google andy wyeth and /or "STOP" and read about it. i have my own copy of the last painting that andrew wyeth did before he died. its pretty neat