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    HALLPASS GPRXP Project Build 2009

    Hey guys,

    First off I’d like to say thank you for everybody to help me with my original build because it absolutely got me hooked to the sport! (The original build thread URL is

    From my first build I learned so much of how to think and build like a mechanic, and in the process I learned mechanics!!! I have decided that I am going to do another build this winter and for something new for the upcoming season. Although the 2-stroke platform is great, the future is transferring to 4-strokes. With a few parts from the 4-stroke platform I can easily change my ski into something new. I also am looking forward to less maintenance and less things to worry about during the season. For the reasons and a few others I am going to be building a GPRXP.

    I have already bought and received a great engine, and have all parts except a few. Due to lack of space on my part (father bought a new car, so my space is gone) I can not build a ski at my house. For this, moderator Danny has been nice enough to offer his space up at his garage just outside Chicago. I have accepted the offer, and I write this here in his house. Everything has been basically moved here, and work begins tomorrow. Since we are a few states apart from each other, I will be back up here during my schools spring break in March. At this time, we plan to have everything laid out and ready to begin installing.

    I hope to start with a pretty much stock setup, and plan to have a bullet proof turn key boat. I will be turning 15, and with a few business cards and a restricted license, I can call work going to the lake. I plan on spending a lot of days out tuning. If I can spend 4-5 hours a day for 2 weeks of my summer everyday, I think I can get a solid running hull setup. This thing will be running by the end of March, and it is up to me on how fast I can get the hull tuned in. I am very excited that Danny has allowed me to come up here and I feel very appreciative. This area is great, and there are a lot of people in and around the area which is very cool since I am not used to that.

    I really need say thank you to Danny because without his help and space this wouldn’t be possible, LITERALLY! Thank you very much for the help and space that you are giving me. I am looking forward to the learning process, and hope to learn as much as I can about the 4-stroke platform and in particular the RXP.

    I would also like to thank my mother for driving me up here. If she didn't agree, nothing would be possible. She loves going to these places, meeting people and seeing that I am enjoying things. Thank you very much mom, because you have really furthered my potential in the sport getting me to these places, and overall have just been great!
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    Thumbs up

    Thread Stickied ! Welcome to the Conversion Club !!
    Pretty kewl seeing all those signatures, including mine
    Thats awesome of Danny !!
    From what I hear, there's lot of kewl stuff in the pwc world those Chi-Town boyz are doing

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    Another one to the club cant wait to see it finish good luck with the build.

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    awesome! going to be a cool build!

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    awesome buddy! good luck with the build!

    PS... way to go MOM!

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    And way to go Danny

    Good luck with this fast killingmachine

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    good luck with it young blood...cant wait to see the build

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    Caution raider fan in the area !!
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    Go Danny

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    Congrats with the project! Thats really cool of Danny sharing some shop space with you. When I was about your age I built a kitcar Cobra. My parents garage wasn't an option so I rented a Self storage unit and built it there.
    It would have been infinitely easier build had I the chance you do of building a project with such an experienced member like Danny.
    Look forward to reading about the build!
    David Bunn

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    Hey kale thats awesome... good luck and have fun with the build. I might have to head up to chicago one of these days you're working on it and check it out.

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