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    anybody ever fallen off at speed?

    last week my ski tried to toss me off when i chopped the throttle at dug in and turned left...glad i had a good monkey grip on bars. was just woundering if any one has bit it at personal best is 55mph from a damm tube..skipped 5 times,landed in a wed bed,was damm good fun,even if it did pull my shorts down and rub weeds on my ass. im glad i did not tumble.

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    Id have to say my
    'worst' was at a bit over 60 hoping waves, (i unintentionally) hit a wave at 60+ going balls out with another ski, i was at LEAST 12ft off the water, and decided the landing wasnt going to work out, so I kicked away from it, which a few skips later was fine, till the ski hit me. The ski bit in and swung torwards me when it hit the water, and I flew about as far as it did. Some bruised up knees, and legs and a weekend off I was at it again. So be careful these things can easily turn on ya and take a good weekend to bad.

    One other thing I tested recently was my life jackets ability to flip me let me say without mentioning the brands that I tried, NONE of them other than the ugly orange cheapies turned me over. I have a $180 NICE jacket to ride in....

    I don't think the idea of falling off and getting hit from the ski is too unreasonable. If no one was around and your jacket didnt flip you over, you could EASILY drown...

    So maybe we should start a thread about safe jackets and hard riding!


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    Put a double bar grate on that ski before you break your arse.

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    Yea I was doing a speed run in a superman and started bouncing, Well my whole body shifted to the left ribs hit the side of boat then started tumbling in the water. My pitbull charm broke off,But still had the gps around my neck speed said 71.2 mph That one hurt

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    Yea I was doing a speed run in a superman and started bouncing
    That is why I don't do the "superman position"

    I came off my old 2000 XLL at full speed (about 57-58 mph) and balled up like a roly poly, went head over heels and rolled all the way up the bank.
    Scratched my face and body ached for awhile, but no serious injuries. I was extremely lucky.

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    I got dumped twice at 68 mph, and I weighed 250lbs then.I was using the Riva rideplate with a stock intake grate ,bad mistake.

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    ditch that stock grate

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    me and my girlfriend were riding last weekend. we hit a sport cruisers wake at 62 and went flying. she flew off about 10 feet and I went straight up in the air and landed back on the ski. my wrist and lower left rib are still feeling the spill.

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    Fallen off... ah No. Launched like a rag doll outa cannon... O yes.

    Best one was shortly after I got my GPR. Feeling cocky I decided to chase down and pass a bunch of other ski's that were racing each other. Just after I got out in front I looked down at the GPS (68 mph) and Ka-Bam, stuffed a boat wake. It happened so fast I didn't actually "see' my self leaving the ski. I just had a feeling of flying through the air before impacting and skipping back into the air again. I was told by the other skiers that I skipped 6 - 7 times then disapearing under water for a few seconds. My GPR shot off to the right (thankfully) and came to rest in some bushes. The GPR had a few minor scratches, I tore the gps off the handle bars with my crotch, broke my "safety" glasses in half, pulled the soles loose on my ski boots, and reversed the sleeve on my wetsuit half up my arm.

    I was lucky in that it really didn't hurt and was actually kinda fun flipping through the air. The PFD did bring me to the surface heads-up (impact pulled the pfd up into my armpits). What was really cool was the 8 jetskiers and one boat that immediately ran over to make sure that I was all right and help me retrieve my ski.


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    Now thats a good one!!! I'm glad you came out of it alright!

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