For the past four weekends my check engine light has be comeing on and driving me and the dealer nuts to the sourse of the problem. The ski never stop and never lost power. I have even called PPG and Glen walked me over some stepts over the phone. The last time out on the 4th of july what I thought was a problem was not the ski did preform well. I just hit set 5 time reset the codes and keep riding it. I had my father take it back to the dealer on the 5th for me (Laid up I had 4 wisdon teeth pulled that Tuesday) and the dealer said he was going to order a new computer for it. Only had realy one day to test out the power pipe. Well the Warenty went off last week but they said they would extend it and come to find it they think it might be a plug that feeds the power to the injectors causing a short. The code are 261, 264, and 267. I hope to get this problem fixed this week. I am ready to ride, My mouth is feeling better, There is the races next weekend in North Carolina, Tired of sitting in the house watch TV, ready to ride, ready to order some more preformance parts, tired of seeing yo guys get faster and fasterO did I mention I am ready to ride