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    Pump tunnel Reinforcement

    Ok, I am getting ready to install the inlet repair skin I got from R&D. Do I have to remove the hull inserts to put the repair kit on or do I just cut matching holes and let the kit sit over the inserts and fit 2 aluminium strips over the kit and use 5200 to seal it up real good? Yea kind of sad to say that it is the first mod that I am going to do but being good friends with my doctor and listening to him has me limited to riding, so I figured that was as good as any to do.

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    Yes to do it properly you need to take the inserts out. Get the new updated inserts.

    What I did.

    Remove trim cable and hoses.

    remove hull inserts. Use a heat gun and pry them out with a putty knife

    fit reinforcement to pump tunnel this will take a little grinding to clear the through hull fittings. push it in place with a really large screw driver or tire iron (down and back) secure it and drill holes through the reinforcement using the pump shoe as a guide (you may need to open the holes slightly so the new inserts will seat properly). bond the new inserts on with 5200 fast cure using the bolts to draw them down.

    after the inserts are bonded to the tunnel reinforcement remove the reinforcement assembly and sand all bond areas. wipe off with solvent.

    goo the hell out of both surfaces tunnel reinforcement and hull in bond area with 5200 assemble using bolts through the pump shoe to pull it in place.

    Wipe out excess 5200

    it is a good idea to have your pump shoe already sealed and bonded into position first this way all your alignement will be good.

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    Are the updated inserts needed on an '06? What years are they needed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronn25
    Are the updated inserts needed on an '06? What years are they needed?
    No...they fixed the prob in 04. dont have to replace the inserts

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    I have an 06, will I need to do this reinforcement procedure? Does anyone besides R&D make a kit for it?

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