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    Anyone own snowmobiles?????

    hi guys im getting into sleding because my dads friend owns them and i might do a 330 mile trip on a sled to like canada. I was wondering what kind of helmets you guys use? and if i can use the same one on my jet ski to keep my head warm when its cold out. i know its a stupid question but im curious to what you guys are using. And also what kind of sleds do you guys own? how much hp?

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    The challenge with a snowmobile helmet is keeping the face shield clear of frost. The Bombardier modular helmet works well for me. Some don't like the fit of the mask over their face but it will deflect your breath away from the shield-guaranteed.

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    +2 on the Bombardier modular helmet, it is the best by far!!!!!

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    If your going to be doing a 330 mile trip,When you choose a helmetThe full face is a must.The modular style is the whip.GMAX also makes a nice one.Spend the extra money and get one with a heated shield. Trust me,one time out with Freezing Mist and you will be glad you spent the extra money. Also You won't have to worry about fogging at all. HP on a sled isn't really that important as most in the last 10 years has all the speed you will ever use on a trail and more then you can use. I perfer a lighter nimble sled over a heavier one which normally means more HP.

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    ahh ok thanks guys

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