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Thread: rxp problem

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    rxp problem

    hey all went out on the ski today ,when i started the ski up got a error code 15?? stopped restarted went away left the docks warmed it up and when punched it , it just died tried restarting wont start waited a bit and started again was choking all the way back to the docks checked if it was taking in any water no problem there rested it for about half when back out and no problems went really good came back put here on the trailer reved the engine a little to let all the water out again started to choking again

    any clues

    i am running stage 3 with 42 injectors and a b kit , can it be that i am running a little lean and its not sucking enough petrol

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    anyone ?????
    jerry ???

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    went again yesterday started fine after about half an hour started choking again kill the engine started again was fine half an hour later it choked out again , and jut kept happeing every so often feels like its cloging up some where bu8t dont have a clue where i should start and there is no error codes this time


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    pulled the sparks out and noticed that the spark plugs where preety dark on tips and one of them was really wet ,
    anyone no what i should be doing or what the problem can be

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    You might have a weak coil assembly in one of the cylinders. Do you have a buddy you could borrow one from and swap out each cylinder - one at a time?... Ron

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