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Betty Belts Surf Team Riders Accomplish K38 Ocean Rescue Training Course

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  • December 9, 2008

Congratulations Mary Osborne, Jeanette Ortiz, and surfing twins Sierra Partridge and Hailey Partridge! Rock on, ladies!

The Betty Belts Surf Team, from left Sierra Partridge, Jeanette Ortiz, Mary Osborne, Bo Stanley and Hailey Partridge. Photo copyright David Pu’u
You may have seen the stunning images of these girls surfing, modeling my designs, swimming with dolphins…
But just before Thanksgiving, four of the Betty Belts Surf Team riders did something really different and pretty ballsy. They completed an arduous ocean rescue training course that is normally taken by military, police and firefighters, not pretty surfer girls. But as sweet and adorable as the Betties are, they are tough as nails.
Remarkably enough, this hardcore course is taught by a woman, Shawn Alladio, who founded K38 rescue and is the globally recognized authority in PWC use and ocean and swiftwater rescue training. The girls had some really daunting conditions to deal with including “victory at sea” conditions with 30+ knot winds and huge swell in open ocean water.
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Shawn Alladio leading the Jet Ski charge on a macking swell out of Morro Bay Harbor

Jeanette never takes her Lotus necklace off, whether she’s surfing or donning a Mustang survival suit. Photo copyright David Pu’u
Read the whole story and see more images on David Puu’s Blog