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    GP1200R Primer Idea???

    I have a 2000 model and it's hard to start. I have look around on the form and see this in a common issue. I have an idea and wonder if it'd work and figure I'd ask you all.

    I assume I am just not getting gas to start the thing as all I have to do is put a bit in each cylinder and she fires right up. No problem for the rest of the day. When it sits for a while, that's the problem.

    So, I was wondering if I could simply put one of those outboard hand bulb pumps in the gas line to the carbs and squeeze a few time prior to trying to start? I was thinking that would put gas back in the carbs and help it start. Has anyone tried this simple solution?

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    RIVA makes a primer kit for your application

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    yea -I know of the Riva kit and it is involved a bit to install. It injects fuel directly into the carb. For a quick fix, I was thinking this bulb idea might work as it'd take less than 5 mins to install.

    I am just not sure if pressuring the gasline up would do the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyboy View Post
    RIVA makes a primer kit for your application
    +1 the best way to do it RIVA primer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by L Carlson View Post
    +1 the best way to do it RIVA primer!

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    the bulbs tend to harden and can cause a blockage The 92 Polaris came with one from the factory and is the only ski I have seen with one! the problem ids you have to lift the seat to use it but with a real primer you don't plus you can remove all the choke restrictions

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    I had the same thought. It works great on my center console outboard that is an 89. My gp1200r often has to be jumped with a jump pack in the summer if it sits for a week in the heat. The bulb would be much easier to install. It is a good Idea to lift the seat before starting anyway. The choke plate is not that big a deal if you dont care about not going over 70mph. I think I will try it also. let us know how it works out

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    and it will not cost 40 bucks.

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    Parker Yamaha also has primer kits. I think I paid a killer $24 including all the fittings...

    If your still setup using the accelarator pumps on the carbs you can also give the throttle 4-5 pulls first before you try to start it.
    This is what I used to do on my old RX and it would fire right up.

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    accelerator pump for priming

    Yea, that's how we get ours started for now. But I'm going to remove it and install the primer because I've had problems (nothing major) with the accelerator pump siezing up and having to take apart/clean/lube. Looking at the parts list if it was fouled up any worse than it was I would have had to replace the whole thing.... not sure but know it was BIG bucks! I figured its cheaper just to remove and install the $40. primer. Just my .02 worth.

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