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    are 00'GP & 99'XLT carbs the same?

    Okay, I have a problem with one of our family's ski's. It's a 99'xl1200ltd and the "sticky throttle" thread on the forum describes the problem to the n'th degree. I'm sure of this.

    What I'm not sure about is my thoughts on correcting this. I want to go "premix" on this one also because I have concerns about the oil pump and if just for no other reason its just one less part to fail/fix/& cause other parts to fail/fix & so on.... would also like to remove the bulky intake duct and install F/A's. (allow more room to access new carb stuff)

    I've just re-read the recent thread on "carb mod + F/A's" but still have more questions. Since I've never done carb work and would rather not have to pay more than really necessary for this education, should I attempt this? Also, should the accel. pump and chokes be pulled out at the same time too?

    I need some guidance fella's. "crashard" has a set of carbs & F/A's from a GP that was allready set up for this. Would this maybe work as a direct replacement? Same engines but remember, this is an XLT. The service manual lists slightly different carbs. (GP: 66x-body, 95-pilot, 150-throttle vs XLT: 66v-body, 87.5 pilot & 180-throttle)

    Any master carb guru's out there willing to point me the right way? Thanks in advance to you all for reading/commenting on this dreadful tale!

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    all your ideas are great to increase the longevity of your skis. go premix
    lose the accelerator pumps and hoses and the flame arrestors are a good idea too but to fo all this is not hard but jetting it u mite need to ask around
    so like is said
    -pre mix
    -lose accel pumps
    jett it for flame arrestors and any other mods you mite not have

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    Yes they are the same. Yamaha added a plastic insulator plate between the carb and motor in 01 to correct the sticky throttle shaft problem. There are several "how to's" on rebuilding, upgrading as well as shaft repair. If you are handy with tools I suggest doing this yourself to save costs. You will get plenty of help here on the forum.

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