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    05 r-12x Aquatrax

    Im new to jet ski world. I was wondering if anyone out there knew how to maintain jet skis. I already changed the oil and oil filter, Spark Plugs, I've got the macsboost module, the ski has about 170 hours. Is there any other maintanence I can do to keep my ski running top shape? I've noticed that my ski has slowed down in speed. What is the average rpms your ski should be running when at full throttle. Or I was just thinking my ski in to the dealer. Let me know what kind of opinions you got.

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    Hi, I am no mechanic but I would suggest you review the owners manual which will advise you on the services that should be done to the machine based on the hours. Alot of members here suggest purchasing a service manual which will give you instruction on "how to" do it yourself.
    My ski's are both under warrany so I prefer to let the dealer handle anything beyond plugs, oil and winterizing. Luckily (knock on wood) there have been no issues. lots of luck and enjoy the ski

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    Be sure to cover the turbo housing/waste gate actuator with CRC spray to keep it from freezing up due to corrosion. You also might need a new WGS or convert to a manual boost control, to get your top end back...

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