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Thread: Speed Package

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    Speed Package

    This sh$t really does work
    As if you didnt already know

    Had all the usual bolt on mods to my 05 and couldnt get it to 67mph although holeshot was good
    Got the package and refitted the mods i already had to the package spec and added the keyway.

    Ski now 70.4mph at 7200rpm and holeshot is amazing

    Havent touched the heads or fitted jetworks. Yet.

    More to come

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    Good deal Yambo. Stock head too. Awesome

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    This sh$t really does work
    As if you didnt already know

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    Re: Speed Package

    [quote="Yambo"]This sh$t really does work [quote]

    Really? It was supposed to make you lose speed, not gain any. LOL just kidding.

    Glad you are doing well. I think you might have much more in that ski that your not aware of. You will eventually do better than 70 with all the right stuff you have left.

    Good Job!

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    Great numbers Yambo, keep it up.

    I just got the package last week. I can't wait to get my tunnel fixed so i can put this new beast in the water and see just how fast i can go before my ski goes for some porting.

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