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    Arrow Race your Old School in Northern California

    DJSA Diablo jet Ski action in northern California runs 16 race series from march till oct. racing Old Schools as well as new schools.

    800 superfast
    5 stand up classes and 4 runabout classes. lots of fun and lots of participation.

    Excellent venues with drag races
    JR racing 13 - 17 Slolom Drags
    freestyle comp.
    plus and complete enduro series and run about closed course we have most of the schedule set will released it soon.

    I raced my 550 limited last year and had a kick *** time.
    this year i will be racing my 750sxi pro against super jets and sxi's no 800's wooohooo like the old days.

    800's have 2 classes. anyway just getting the word out. if you live in Nor Cal or you would like to see your kids race in a safe enviroment hit me up for details. thanks
    a new forum for the personal watercraft community
    Just launched in Dec. 08 for jetskiers by jetskiers


    20 yrs. in Norcal
    Stand up jet skis Rule !
    NorCal Jetski Crew #810
    750sxi pro

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    If only I live in NorCal.....

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    thats no joke! Somebody needs to fly my ski out there!

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    where in N Caiforina


    I ride at lake Isabella is that part of northern California ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXTCalifornia View Post

    I ride at lake Isabella is that part of northern California ?

    THe cut off is at before Bakersfield, which is Central Cali, Nor cal is further up. You'll have a pretty good drive to get to them races. No doubt they are fun though!

    You've got an RXT, you live close or in So. Cal. Come out and do some local So. Cal races. We do some offshore races. It will get your blood pumping! Next race is Dana Point to Avalon! Let me know if you need additional info.


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    So. california
    My home is in the city of lake Isabella.
    I was wondering if that counts as a northern California.
    I have a Old Gp760 that is fun (but underpowered) I think my daughter would like to run it . She has that ski mastered to spin on a dime !
    No Salt water for my Ski's nor do i have a full wetsuit.

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