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    Need a little more help

    I just picked up a 97 gti thats not running. The guy I got it from put a new mpem in it and it still has no spark. I know that the lanyard must be programed to the mpem and I don't know if the guy did that. But the other problem I am haveing is that the buzzer doesn't work. I pulled the buzzer out and its rusty inside it. So I need to replace that as well. The big question I have is isn't there a self diagnostic mode on the ski and if so how do I get it into the self diagnostic mode? Also anyone have a buzzer laying around they would like to sell? Thanks chris

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    if the engine turns over then the mpem is programmed to the key. if the key is not programmed to the mpem, the engine will not turn over.

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    I believe I have an extra buzzer.
    Joe makes a good point, does the motor turn over when you push the start button? How did you check for spark?

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    You should probably take the ski to a SeaDoo dealership (one which has B.U.D.S.) and make them run a diagnostics check on your craft. Seems like you might find a rude awakening....

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    I would assume all the grounds are clean and getting good connection?

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    I turned the motor over by pushing the start button. The thing is I used both mpem's that came with it and I even used the lanyard from my xp and it turned over. I'll check all the grounds and connections. I'm just starting to put some time in to the ski now. The guy I bought it from bought a new aftermarket psm. I'll check the manufacture of it when I am by the ski tomorrow. thanks chris

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