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    Riva thru hull exhaust / PPG power pipe

    How much loader is the riva thru hull exhaust (with boat in the water) than the PPG power pipe?

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    It's quite a bit louder. So loud i didn't like it at first, but it's grown on me.

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    It sounds a good bit louder when idling but doesn't seem any louder when under throttle. It sounds great to me.You will like it.

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    Is their any noticable performance gains with the thru the hull exhaust besides noise with a lightly modded RXP?

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    Probably very little gain other than the impressive sound. But it is a must have if you decide to go with the Riva Power Cooler Kit at a later date.


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    I've gone from the free flow to the power pipe and will eventually get the thru hull, but call me crazy - I think the free flow sounded just a tad louder than the powerpipe. How's that? Idling it seems to not have as much drone (that deep echoing burble), but at all other speeds it seems to be very similar.

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