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    What's an inexpensive and stable ski?

    I'm thinking about buying a 2nd ski for my GF or friends to use. However, since pretty much everyone I know has never even touched a PWC, I was hoping to find something very stable and inexpensive. I was thinking buying a used one. I prefer 4 stroke, but if it keeps the cost down a lot, 2 stroke is good!!! I don't know much about the different kinds of PWC's as I've only rode a tigershark, an kawi 150 and my rxp-x. Any suggestions for me?

    I really appreciate the help! Thanks!

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    Get her a GTI. They're relatively inexpensive, 130 or 155 HP depending on which model you get, about 53-55 mph.. All around good rec. riding ski for someone who isn't into performance..

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    GTX very stable and durable ski.

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    any GTI or X model will be a perfect ski

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    Check out my sig. Its a great beginner's ski

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    as stated above def a gti/x.

    mate had a 2001 dtx di great ski.1 litre 2 stroke pretty good on fuel for a 2 stroke but if you can id go newer gti as there 4 stroke

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    I highly suggest staying away from the 951DI motor, very costly and difficult to self diagnose and repair.

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    Sorry I might get bashed by this but i started on a yami VX deluxe 110HP and it was a very stable and reliable ski.

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    GTI is a great ski. I bought for my gf, then ended up selling mine and had some things come up and never got myself another. Now I ride the GTI, it is a lot of fun. If you are at all skilled even a little, it is a blast to take someone out on since it is so easy to man handle around. You can get them relatively cheap, go used and just get the basic model. Now is a great time to buy.

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    I was also thinking about the GTX. Dont shoot me guy but Honda and Yamaha make great family skis.

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