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    FS: A bunch of ATV & Dirt bike grahpics and stuff.

    Guys last year I went to a close out sale at a dealer ship and they sold me this stuff fairly cheap. I need to make some cash for my Rebuild. So if you need any of this stuff. I will except pretty much all offers. I wont say no. Just please don't say 1 buck on stuff that is $70, but all is fair game. Cheap to make me money for a rebuild.

    CR85 graphic kit with seat cover 2003-2005
    4x Rm 125/250 gragpic kits
    2x ltz 250 & 400 texas seat covers
    4x Sportsmans helmet decals
    2x Soxford spider tank protecters
    2x warrior confederate flag seat cover
    Ktm decals
    Rm 80/85 frnt/rear fender decals

    Like I said just offer and i will probably just sentd it your way. You pay when you get it.
    I need money for a rebuild.

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