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    Waverunner III 650

    Hi ppl, Im the ultimate newbe to this, i have never even looked at a forum until today.. I have a problem with a waverunner III 1992, its electrical (no spark), i was going to look into the conections around the generator area as this ski belonged to a relative b4 me and it had a problem with taking on water, my problem is i cant for the life of me get the fly wheel off . if anyone could let me know if there is a trick i would realy appriciate the help. also any info on the electrical system would be nice..... i bought the ski as is for $500 australian and other than no spark its a good unit..

    thanx in advance for any insight....

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    Welcome to the site,
    To get fly wheels off I use a steering wheel style puller. As for the electrical stuff try using the search tab and see what you can find. You will most likely be able to download a manual from this site aswell, As always if you run into trouble the pros on this site will be able to bail you out. Good Luck

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    Thanx on empty, my actual prob is with getting the bolt out of the center of the fly wheel, i cant move it at all in either direction.

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    Xl760 on the water/ gp760 in shop for paint
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    Do you have access to a impact gun? The threads are like a standard bolt right to tighten left to loosen, I am assuming the engine is still together if so push rope through one spark plug hole then rotate the engine over in the direction you will be turing the bolt. This will lock the engine up so you can remove the bolt, To remove the rope rotate the engine over the oposite way a quarter turn and remove the rope.

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    I don't have a manual for this one. Can anyone help him out?

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    Thanks ppl

    Thanks ppl for your help. I got the ski going thanks to reading a couple of other posts on the forum and saved a fortune, as i was quoted $2000 aust to fix it and all it was was a bad earth strap connection. Much cheaper to clean it and press start. Thanks again.

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    Awesome, glad everything worked out for you.

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