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    I know this subject has been beat to death, but, if your skis do not get in contact with freezing weather, but are not ridden through the winter months, do you still need to winterize? Mine are ridded May through September, then garaged. And this is my first winter with a ski.

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    Same thing applies; long term storage...

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    The water box muffler always has water stored in it and you can't flush it out, no matter how much you rev it out of water. You fog the motor so you coat the internals with sticky oil to help prevent the water in the water box from evaping into the motor and getting rust on your motor parts. So yeah fog your motor winterize it and make sure the thing lasts forever and ever and you don't have to spend money fixing the thing!

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    Damn, I never winterized mine because it doesnt get cold enough here and I keep it in a garage but now after hearing this about the water box evaporting I might have to winterize it but I havent in 4 seasons

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    Would starting one off the hose for 10 to 15 sec every few weeks keep one from needing to be winterized?

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    if you take it out and run it every two weeks or so for a few minutes it shouldnt be a problem
    as long as it doesent reach freezing tempurature

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